IN Care Seminars

These smaller meetings are designed to present and discuss work-in-progress by each team. 

29. June 2022

„Differential caregiving profiles across European regions: The role of co-residence and social inequality“ by Robert Heidemann

02. March 2022

„Socioeconomic inequalities in long-term care trajectories in the Netherlands“ by Jens Abbing

28. April 2021

“Measuring the effects of social protection for long-term care in old age” by Dr Tiago Cravo Oliveira Hashiguchi, Health Policy Analyst at the OECD 

10. March 2021

„The wellbeing of older individuals by their partners‘ care arrangement: Variations by gender and social welfare context“ by Ginevra Floridi and Nekehia T. Quashie

20. January 2021

“The heterogeneous impact of informal caregiving on female caregivers’ well-being in Japan” by Duc Dung Le.

23. September 2020 

“The wellbeing of older adults in a changing long-term care system” by Jens Abbing.

27. May 2020

„Socioeconomic inequalities in the wellbeing of informal caregivers across Europe“ by Martina Brandt, Judith Kaschowitz, and Nekehia T. Quashie.