Stakeholder Meetings

Dissemination activities to a non-academic audience involve two nationally organized workshops for local and national stakeholders in each of the three countries to help maximize interest across a wide variety of sectors (including NGOs, think tanks, senior government officials, local government representatives and practioners working with older people and carers including health and social workers). Our research is also of interest to those working on LTC issues in government departments, local authorities, and independent policy bodies (e.g. OECD, Eurocarers).

The first stakeholder workshops were held in the beginning of 2020, to discuss the updated contextual-level indicators and their ability to capture key dimensions of care policy in addiction to initial findings from the cross-national and longitudinal comparisons. The second stakeholder workshop will be held in the end of 2021 to distribute and publicize findings from work package 1-5.

Stakeholder Meetings 2022

  • Stakeholder Meeting – UK

Stakeholder Meetings 2020

  • Stakeholder Meeting – UK